Friday, November 20, 2015

#anthroboycott in medias res

I'm on my Macbook at the AAA conference, so NodeXL isn't happening for me, so I'm using socioviz instead.  It's a java-enabled, web-based Twitter network visualization--but it's quick and dirty (especially in its free form).  Here's the #anthroboycott traffic over the last few minutes, with close-ups of the main components.

So--there's a great deal of Twitter traffic now (it's not SXSW, but not bad!).  Socioviz will only pick off the latest 100 tweets.  Even so, we can see effort to bring people into the assembly . . .

And here are the top tweets by degree centrality

1) Doors to the #AAA2015 business meeting open at 530PM! CCC Mile High Ballrooms 2 +3. Vote NO on 1, YES on 2 #Anthroboycott

2) 2.5 hours until #Anthroboycott vote. Mile high Ballroom 2&3. #AAA2015

3) RT @PalestineToday: Mick Taussig: The issue seems not so much why support; but how could you not? #AnthroBoycott #AAA2015 #BDS

4) RT @anthroboycott: To ensure that your voice is heard and vote counted, come early and tell your friends! #AnthroBoycott #AAA2015 https://?

5) RT @PalestineToday: 31 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli soldiers since the beginning of October #AnthroBoycott #AAA2015

6) RT @AMReese07: E. Williams and J. Pierre discussing #anthroboycott @aba_aaa members to attend @AmericanAnthro #aaa2015 #abapanels https://t?

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